Blogging Hell

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Over the next couple of weeks I plan to post a series of articles about Hell? Why? If I can go ahead and get the pun out of the way, I will blog about Hell because it is a hot topic. Since the release of Rob Bell's book, Love Wins, Hell has gotten a lot of attention. Ironically there is a place called Hell, Michigan; Rob Bell pastors a church in Michigan.  He has probably been to Hell.  He may have even eaten $5.95 fish in Hell; at the diner in the picture.  At this point, I have not read Bell's book and have no plans to do so. I do not desire this series of posts to be a response to Rob Bell, but more of an opportune teaching moment on Hell, not the Michigan Hell but the Biblical Hell. There are lots of questions about Hell. There are several views of Hell. Jesus said quite a bit about Hell. These reasons, in and of themselves mean that Hell warrants some attention.

One thing I have learned along the blogging pathway is that people read, but they don't read much; so I'll do my best to keep it short. Asking a preacher to keep it short is like asking an elephant to keep it light, but I'll try. Brevity is not as much a challenge to my intent as much as it is a challenge to my nature. God called me to say a lot. Yet for the sake of readership and time constraints I will try to say a lot with a little.

That said, it will be necessary to break Hell down into easily chewable bites. At this point, here is the outline for how I will proceed.

  • What is Hell?
  • Which Bible passages reveal Hell to us?
  • What are the various views on Hell?
  • Why do people go to Hell?
  • What happens to people in Hell?
  • How long will people be in Hell?
  • What do I believe the Bible teaches about Hell (a short systematic theological statement)?
  • Why is it important to retain Hell as an orthodox doctrine? Is it culturally relevant? How does one's view of Hell effects one's views of the church, God, Jesus, and Scripture?
  • What is the relationship of the gospel to Hell?

Maybe there are some things you would like addressed along the way. Please let me know. I look forward to a good conversation.


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