Q and A with Jesus (sermon audio: Sunday a.m.)

Mark 2 leads us directly into a Q&A session with the Son of God. As the short stories continue, Jesus is confronted by both skeptics and believers with questions about faith, forgiveness, and even worship. In this message, we realize that ultimately people still have the same questions at heart as they did during the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.
*Does Jesus really forgive or do Christians just say the He does? (Mk 2:1-12)
*Why do people go to church? (Mk 2:13-17)
*Why do some people go to church but never really change? (Mk 2:18-22)
*What should I do with my Sundays? (Mk 2:23-3:6
*What is God’s opinion of me? (Romans 5:8)

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