A Million Ways to Live Ten Words

The commandments of God reveal the character of God.  He is aggressively good.  Psalm 119:1 says, “Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the LORD!”  The ten commandments of Exodus 20 are the law of God on the atomic level.  Literally they are not the commandments, but the “words.”  Words have a variety of meanings and uses.  When it comes to the commandments of God, each one of them can be applied in a million different ways.  Life is circumstantial.  There are a hundred different ways to kill, even more ways to steal, and there are several different color shades of lying.  The books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy outline that when it comes to killing we should not do it accidentally, innocently, or intentionally.  White or black, there is no good reason to lie.  If you steal and get away with it, it is still wrong.  The law of God is the Ten Commandments or ten “words” expressed in morality, society, family, and religion.  The law is the words being lived out in every place from the dinner table to the Senate seat, in secret and in private, in the rich and the poor, in buying bread or having babies.  The law is applicable to every facet of circumstantial life.
The Psalmist says that those who walk in the law of the LORD are happy, or blessed.  This means that for men and women who find a million ways to live the ten words, there will be joy, fulfillment, and delight.  God says not to kill – one word.  Find a million reasons why God loves life.  God says that we should have no other Gods before Him – one word.  Find a million reasons why nothing else compares to Him.  God says that we should not lie – one word.  Find a million conversations that need to hear the truth.  Our world is so full of cursing; it is in desperate need of blessing. 
God gave us ten simple statements that tell us what He is like.  He is aggressive for our lives to connect with His character.  He is happy in who He is. He is blessed and wants our circumstances to be filled with His blessings.  To walk in the law of the LORD is to find a million ways to live ten words.  It is to spend twenty four hours finding out why God is so happy with honorable families, truth, life, and devoted worship.  Walking in the law of the LORD is learning to love Him. 


Mac said…
Great words on the absolute joy that comes from being grounded in God and his immutable word.

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