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Since the beginning of ’09 the Next Steps Team has been meeting, reading, and working toward discerning God’s will for the next five years in the life of RBC. In our meeting Monday night I asked the Next Steps Team to make a recommendation to the Nominating Committee for the formation of a group of three to do a feasibility study. The feasibility study is regarding the possibility of Ridgecrest Baptist Church beginning a Christian School. The recommendation reads as follows:

We recommend that that nominating committee appoint a 3 person team to conduct a feasibility study concerning the establishment of a Christian school as a part of the future vision of Ridgecrest Baptist Church. We recommend this study be conducted over a three month term with a report to be given in April of 2010.

In either the November or December business meeting the nominating committee will bring those nominated to the floor for a vote by the membership. The group will begin working in January and make a formal report in April.

During the feasibility study we will be trying to answer questions about the impact of a Christian School on our community, building codes, funding, and the opportunity for Christian education in the eastern area. We will be seeking wisdom from other leaders and churches who have previously walked this path. At this point there are a lot of questions and very few concrete answers.

I am really excited about this endeavor. God laid it on my heart to be involved in education shortly after he called me to serve Him in the ministry. I feel it is time for us to explore this opportunity together. With the demands on family life and the challenges of a decadent culture, we must take seriously the call to diligently teach our children to love God and obey His Word (Deut. 6:4-9). Somehow we must equip those who have decided to raise their children with a Christian worldview to effectively accomplish their parental goals (Ephesians 4).

I am posting this information simply to have a better opportunity to communicate it clearly. Many people in our congregation serve in other capacities on Wednesday nights and their service prevents them from attending our regular business meetings. Our students are now worshipping at Paine Elementary on Wed. nights and are also unable to attend these meetings. I understand that following last night’s announcement, word will travel quickly in our congregation and community. Though it may travel quickly, it may not travel clearly. I hope this posting helps the communication process.

May God give us wisdom, and may we effectively minister His gospel here in Trussville, in the eastern area of Jefferson County, to our state, our nation, and to the world.

Gal. 2:20


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