What Would Jesus Eat?

At the beginning of the year I resolved to read Dr. Don Colbert’s What Would Jesus Eat, again. The first time I read it was about three years ago while at the beach. There is nothing better than reading a book about eating while your belly sunbathes at the beach. “Is that a solar panel or your gut badly in need of a tan?” There is no better wake up call for the human body than Destin, FL.

The first time through the book I gleaned the value of grains. My wife and I immediately changed the quality of foods we were eating, mainly by ridding our home of white bread, white rice, and white pastas and replacing them with whole grains. It was not long until my colon thanked me – several times.

This trip through the book I took my time. Having learned to love grains I wanted to pay attention to other aspects of the book. It is this educational approach to the book I most appreciate. What Would Jesus Eat is not a diet in the sense of The Maker’s Diet, or the Atkins Diet, South Beach, or even Weight Watchers. What Would Jesus Eat is an education about the interaction of food with your body. It is less about how much you eat and more about what the things you eat do to your body.

What Would Jesus Eat is not a spiritual guilt trip. Though Dr. Colbert touches on some of the spiritual aspects of eating, his purpose is not to bring you salvation through salmon. We all remember Weigh Down and the cult it became. If you read What Would Jesus Eat there is little chance you will shave your head and become a hyper-Calvinist. There may be an annoying moment or two at a restaurant as you inform your eating partner that the yeast roll covered in butter he is about to eat has little chance of making it through his colon in the next couple of months. But who really wants to be that guy?

All in all, I would highly recommend this book. Since the beginning of the year I have improved the quality of my foods along with Tony Horton’s workout P 90 X and have enjoyed incredible results. I feel better than I have felt in many years. Two weeks ago I bought a Medium shirt and 34 pant for the first time since the 8th grade! Many thanks to Dr. Don and to my personal torture trainer Tony Horton.


Dollar General said…
Is that shave your head and become a hyper-Calvinist comment about Jason...is that really why he shaved his head?!? ha ha ha!!!

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