Reading Romans

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to up the ante on my blog by writing more frequently. Thus far I hope my readers have recognized that I am doing a little better. If you have not checked in for awhile due to my usual schedule of bi-frequent posting then you may want to scroll down a bit. My goal is to write at least daily Monday through Thursday. That may not happen simply due to the fact that I am a husband/father/pastor/student guy. Yet, when I grow up I would like to be a writer. This does not mean I do not want to be a pastor, but it does mean that I would like to offer the world something in hardback.

I am not sure what sort of thing I would like to write, which is a huge problem according to C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis recommended that writers find an area of concentration and write within that area. In blogging I have seen the wisdom of this advice because it is so difficult to come daily with something off the cuff to post. Thus, I make this offering hopefully for the benefit of all. For me the benefit will be that this project will offer some parameters; an area in which I can concentrate. For you that may mean more decent offerings than simply what I did today which would contain frivolous references to how much I hate crying people on reality shows, what sort of car is passing outside of my window, and such and so. Maybe those are the sort of blogs I should write considering blogs of that nature are far more read than my own; but I just can’t resign myself to that sort of thing just yet. In a previous post I pointed out that I really don’t enjoy those sorts of blogs that constantly refer to how one is feeling about something at the moment, to which my friend Jason Dollar astutely pointed out that my blog is called “feeling my faith.” Hmmm.

Nevertheless, I hope to concentrate my writing for a time into something that may become meaningful to me as a writer and to you as a reader; not only because of its content, but hopefully also due to your participation. I beg you, comment! On Feb. 1 (yes love I know that is our anniversary, number 12 to be exact) I will begin preaching the second half of Romans, chapters 9 – 16. I would like to offer a project in which I offer you some fruits of my study. If you know something about this area of Romans then you will recognize that chapters 9 – 12 are the most treacherous of “Roman roads.” That fact alone should also up the ante on my blog, again, for the both of us.

So please join me in this. Happy hunting!


Anonymous said…
Here is a comment so that a comment has been made. I read your blog and am looking forward to reading your fruits and feeling my own faith. I don't have much to contribute since each time I read this section of Romans my head literally falls off my shoulders. But I will be listening carefully.
Brian Branam said…
Just take it easy, I do not want anyone to get hurt.

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