In a culture that seeks gratification as its supreme good, fed by sound bytes and images, we become obtuse to the long term consequences of our decisions. We want an economic collapse that has been in the making for years to be remedied in a moment. We want choice without consequences. We want someone to blame. We have no conscience.

For three decades abortion has been defended as pro-choice. The image we are fed is a mother in danger, undone, and desperate. Without the right to choose her life will be ruined. Her rights should be defended at all costs. This image is a smoke and mirrors illusion meant to hide the grotesque underbelly of what is actually happening to women and babies in the communities in which we live. It is an illusion of choice meant to hide a world bathed in blood.

In the final presidential debate Senator Obama sold America on the illusion once again. When asked about his opposition to the Illinois Born-Alive Infants Protection Act he answered with smoke and mirrors. I would commend you to follow the following link and read the article posted by Robert George & Yuval Levin of The Witherspoon Institute. It will not only reveal the fallacious nature of the current presidential campaign (which is happening on both sides of the aisle I might add) but also expose the truth of what “pro-choice” actually means. This is not a debate about choice, it is about the right to life; not just for babies, but for all of us. Living humans, beware. With legislation and blood thirsty leadership any of us could be deemed medically undesirable!

Obama and Infanticide

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