A Dollar's Worth

I want to recommend a blog to you from a friend, current church member, and co-laborer in Christ. His name is Jason Dollar and he posts some interesting articles from the field of Christian Apologetics. Jason really stays on top of the current trends in popular thought, does a great job discerning the issues, and has a great way of communicating to a broad audience. Currently (8/11) he has posted an interview he conducted with a former Jehovah Witness leader from his hometown. Jason has put a lot of work into this one and it is a very informative read.

Also, if you are looking for a great speaker I would highly recommend Jason. Although his primary ministry focuses on teens, from what I have observed of Jason he is effective in any audience setting. Youth pastors – once you get over your summer hangover and start planning for next year you must include Jason on your calendar for D-Now or camp!

Access Jason’s article here.


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