I received an email today directing me to one of our missionary’s blogs. If you read through the older posts you can see that they are obviously serving in a very dangerous place and have recently suffered the tragic loss of the husband/father. Reading things like this help me keep perspective on what the gospel and living for Christ is really all about. I found the most recent post “Compelled to Write” deeply meaningful.

compelled to write

Nights have been a good time for me after A is in bed to read, think, talk with people, e-mail and read letters and journals from P. It's been a good time for me to be with people and grieve and cry and all that good stuff. So in reading his journal I ran across this entry. I am glad we talked about these things. He was good at putting things into words, but really good at making it into simple phrases, easy to memorize and follow. I hope this helps many of you who are also grieving as it has helped me.May 14, 2006"Esther and I talked as we were falling asleep last night about the possibility of being caught or tortured. I'm not a brave person and I'm definitely not tough to withstand torture. worse than thinking about something happening to me though, is thinking about my girls being without me or thinking about something happening to one of them. I couldn't take it. God, give us strength to follow you no matter what you bring into our is a chance to follow Jesus...suffering is a chance to know Him better...and dying is a chance to see Him."


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