Sermon: Bringing God into Focus

The things you believed about God and the day you just had do not match. You believe that God is love, that He is Holy, that He can do anything, that He is good, that He wants good to overcome evil; and you went through a divorce, your church split, someone you respected as a spiritual mentor morally failed, you lost a job, or something you have been praying for continuously over a long period of time . . .nothing is happening. When the things we believe about God contradict the experiences of our life it brings us to a crisis of faith and begins to cloud the most basic tenants of our faith – namely the very things we though were true about God.

Moses is at that place. He struggled to believe, and then he did. He struggled with the call, but he still went. And now everything God told him to do has made life much worse and so Moses asks the question we would all love answered – WHY? God gives Moses three incredible answers that will deepen our faith and give us hope in our faith crisis.

Listen to the sermon “Bringing God into Focus.”


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