The Walk by Brian Branam

The Walk

God never hurries, but The Almighty is never late. Countless verses in the Bible speak of our walk with God. Living before the Lord is a pedestrian pace. It is not about success, but satisfaction. 

By studying this concept of "walk" in Scripture you will learn how to slow life down, please God, and accomplish your goals. Happiness doesn't come in doing more, but in doing what matters. Learn how to walk again! 

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Pulse by Brian Branam


Men are giving up. An alarming amount of men are giving up on work and family. Sadly, many men are giving up on life.

Pulse examines the life of David, whom the Bible calls a man after God’s own heart. David was royal and awful. He was a success and a failure. He was raw, but redeemed. David had plenty of reasons to give up but he was consistently drawn back to deeper truths that helped get his life back into rhythm.

By telling the story of a man whose life went in and out of rhythm, Pulse gives men reason to get up rather than give up. If you are a man or know a man who could use some practical wisdom and encouragement for getting life together, Pulse is a critical read.

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