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A Man Who Hears from God - Session 1

(Speaker Notes for Live Teaching) Confession time! When you were in school and were asked to read a book and write a report did you: read the book? read the Cliff/Spark notes? watch the movie? Google it? phone a friend (aka copy from someone else)? Next week we start a new series on Biblical Manhood called Creation, Distortion, and Redemption. For the first few weeks we will be in Genesis and focus on God’s original design for men in CREATION. The following two weeks will look at how sin affects us as men, or how men live in DISTORTION from the original design due to the curse. The final five weeks we will see the REDEMPTION of man in Christ. Before we get going on our study, let’s talk about how a man can get the most out of these next 10 weeks. This study is about becoming a powerful man who is redeemed and responsible.  If I want to be a man who is redeemed and responsible, then I must be a man who   hears God’s voice and obeys God’s Word . Wouldn’t you like to hear from God? Every

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